Save Money and Own Your Power


 The sun is a free renewable energy that is constantly hitting the earth. Use this infinite solar resource to generate your power instead of buying all of it from the utility company.

Go Green

 Solar energy is clean energy. While the utility companies use coal and nuclear that are destroying our planet, you can make a difference to save the earth.


Going solar gives you control and greater independence over your money. Don’t get exploited by the utilities continuously raising their rates.

Going Solar is as Easy as 1-2-3


Your solar panels create free electricity from the sun


That electricity powers
your home


Unused solar electricity goes back into the grid for a full credit!

How it Works


Solar panels are mounted to the most efficient spot on your roof and generate power to be used in your home


Direct current is converted to Alternating Current to power your home. This is done using an inverter

Spin Back

Your utility power will still be available, but any extra power generated will go back to the grid and spin your meter backwards

What Our Customers Are Saying

Evan H.

“Can’t recommend these guys enough. Honest people who truly care about their customers. Thanks for everything!”

Bryce C.

“365 is very knowledgeable and committed to making sure the customer gets exactly what they need. I was stressed about the process, but 365 Solar Energy made the process painless and they explained everything so well. Very happy with my decision to go solar and even happier with choosing 365 Solar Energy!”

Ouida M.

“The installation process was quick and easy! Since being installed and activated I’ve been producing 100% of my power by solar energy while saving a lot of money! I highly recommend 365 Solar Energy.”

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