Own Solar and a Backup Battery with $0 Out of Pocket

Own Solar and a Backup Battery with $0 Out of Pocket

Own Solar and a Backup Battery with $0 Out of Pocket

Own Solar and a Backup BatteryElectricity prices constantly go up. That’s why some homeowners find it too expensive to pay their utility bills these days. And of course, homeowners should think about reducing their electricity costs.

No homeowner is safe from the constant rise in electricity prices. Now, it’s the best time to go solar. It goes without saying that solar panels will become a good addition to your house.

Solar panels will be a cost-effective solution for your electricity needs. With solar panels, you’ll be able to produce your own electricity.

The electricity produced by solar panels can be used by homeowners in a number of different ways.

  • the electricity can be used in your home
  • the electricity can be saved for later use
  • the electricity can be sold

Solar is the best tool for fighting the rise in electric costs, and a great way to put your tax dollars into your own home.

Solar panels have environmental benefits as well. If you choose to take advantage of solar panels, your house will be powered by clean energy.

What Do Homeowners Need to Know about Free Solar Panels?

Most likely you have noticed that some companies use “free solar panels” term for advertising purposes.

So, the big question is – what does “free solar panels” term mean to a homeowner? Are the batteries really free? Let’s dig deeper and try to get the answer!

The reality is, such companies install solar batteries for free. However, homeowners have to pay for the energy that has been produced by the solar batteries installed on their roofs.

Obviously, free solar panels have their own drawbacks. In this case, homeowners don’t own a solar panel system. That’s the reason why they can’t use electricity produced by solar panels for free.   

The electricity is available at a lower rate than you pay for your utility. However, you need to pay for electricity generated by solar panels. Anyway, free solar panels give homeowners a splendid opportunity to save some money.

Additionally, homeowners can take advantage of loans to buy solar panels for their houses.

Recently, the Federal government and the State of South Carolina have given homeowners access to tax credits that cover up to 50% of the gross cost of a solar array. This incentive will go away at the end of 2020.

It makes a lot of sense for homeowners to consider taking a loan to buy a solar panel system instead of using “free solar panels”.

It’s crucial for you to know that each solar panel option has its own pros and cons. So, you should explore all of your options carefully and compare one option to another thoroughly. As a result, you’ll have to make the best possible choice.      

How Does Solar Battery Backup Work?

Today, many homeowners choose to get a solar panel and battery backup.   Solar panels will generate electricity for your house on bright sunny days.

Solar panels will give you some energy. You will be able to use this energy. As a result, you’ll have to buy less energy. This will help you reduce your utility bill dramatically and save some money.   

Solar with battery backup has been designed to help homeowners create their own energy with the sun and store it for later use.

With a solar panel, you will be able to receive even more electricity than you need. Keep in mind that the additional electricity can be stored and used later. Or you can also save some money by selling electricity.

You’ll be able to store the additional energy for later use if you get solar panels with battery backup. Otherwise, your additional energy will be wasted.

A backup battery is the type of battery that is used for solar storage purposes. A backup battery is charged on sunny days and saves your energy.

Go Solar with $0 Out of Pocket

Today, homeowners have an opportunity to go solar with $0 out-of-pocket. First and foremost, you will be able to reduce your electricity costs dramatically. Also, a solar panel system will allow you to save some energy for the future.

You’ll be able to use the energy stored during extreme weather when solar panels can’t produce energy. When the weather is bad, electricity prices are usually very high. So, you’ll be able to save a lot of money with your own solar system.           

How to Get Solar and a Backup Battery

Provided you have access to the sun on your home, a simple analysis of your property can determine if your house will benefit from a solar array to make your own power.

Once we know your house qualifies, we then look at your usage to determine how much power we need to make.

Finally, we sit down to explore a design that fits your needs best.

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