Solar and Your Home

Solar and Your Home

Solar and Your Home

How Adding Solar Panels Can Affect The Value Of Your Home

Solar energy is something that has been becoming more commonplace year after year in the Carolinas. One question most homeowners have is how will it affect the value of my home?

The U.S. Department of Energy Lawrence Berkley Laboratory says that solar on average adds about 4 dollars per watt of solar installed. This ends up breaking down to an average increase in home value of $15,000 according to the study., an online marketplace for selling homes, has also noted seeing an average of a 4.1% increase in the value of homes with solar in 2018. There has been such a large demand for solar that Zillow has added a solar score for the homes that are listed on it.

365 Solar Energy has experienced these benefits firsthand. The owner, Bill Clementi, has a background in residential real estate, and says the equity added to homes is what initially peaked his interest.

He realized that after paying properties off the next biggest expense was often the electric bill. Solar would not only add value into his property, but it would also make one of his largest expenses disappear.

Once he learned the benefits he wanted to figure out a way to help spread these benefits to other homeowners.

After some thinking, 365 Solar Energy was then formed, and then found financing options that now allows people to finance their own solar array. Their financing requires $0 down and keeps the cost of power the same if not lower then what the customer was initially paying for power from their utility.

The process is easy to go solar and 365 Solar handles all aspects of the project. This makes it effortless for the customer to transition to paying themselves instead of the utility company. Check out what our customers are saying about us on Google, FacebookBBB, and Home Advisor.