Solar Panel Components

Solar Panel Components

Solar Panel Components

Solar Panel Components

What’s involved in a solar panel installation? A solar energy system has several pieces that act together to supply energy to your home. New to solar energy? Don’t worry. In this post, we break down the main solar panel components for you. 

Components of Solar Energy

Solar Panel: This is the most common piece of a solar energy system. The solar panel converts sunlight into electrical energy. Our solar panels are American made and extremely durable to withstand all weather conditions. When you choose 365 Solar Energy, you’ll receive panels that come with a 25-year warranty and a 30-year production guarantee 

Solar energy optimizer: Once the energy is converted from the solar panel, the SolarEdge Optimizer will maximize the efficiency and production of your solar energy system. This will help offset any inconsistencies in sunlight, such as shade from a tree or a cloudy day.  These optimizers are also American made and come with a 25-year warranty. 

Inverter:  We call this the brain of the solar energy system.  After the power travels through the optimizer, it travels to the inverter. With the American-made SolarEdge Inverter, a SIM card is included so you can track just how much energy you are producing and saving. Power is changed from direct current to AC (useable) energy. These also come with a 25-year warranty. 

What is Solar Panel Energy?

In just one day, the sun provides enough energy to fuel the entire planet for years. Without getting into the detailed science of how solar panels workit can be summed up like this: electricity fueled by the sun.  Sunlight that hits the solar panels is converted into useable electrical energy for your home.  

In short, solar energy benefits your wallet, your home and the planet. 

How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce?

How much can you save by switching to solar?  

This really depends on your home, its location and how much energy you typically use. The efficiency of solar panels varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Position of solar panels: are the panels angled toward the sun?) 
  • Location of home: is there a lot of shade around the area?) 
  • Temperature: panels tend to perform better in cooler temperatures 
  • Reflection: panels that reflect less light perform better 

Solar panels typically generate up to 400 Watts of power per hour. This is enough energy to power most small appliances. Using multiple solar panels provides more energy to your home. Our team of experts at 365 Solar Energy can help you choose the type and quantity of solar panels for your home based on your family’s needs. 

Solar Panel Installation

The big day is here, and your solar panels will be installed on your home – exciting! What should you expect?  

A professional team will meet you at your home with the equipment. We work with licensed electricians to ensure solar panel wiring is conducted safely and effectively. As the homeowner, you won’t have to lift a finger.  

When you choose 365 Solar Energy, you can rest assured that your solar energy system will be installed securely and neatly. After installation, there’s no maintenance required for the solar panels. But for homes with lots of critters, we offer a critter guard to add extra protection for wires. 

The solar panel installation is the easy part. The only thing you need to do contact us for a free estimate on your home’s solar energy system. Give us a call today at 833-365-SOLR or fill out our contact form to get started!