Top 5 Charlotte Companies That Are Hiring in 2022

Top 5 Charlotte Companies That Are Hiring in 2022

Top 5 Charlotte Companies That Are Hiring in 2022

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Distribution Date: 01/27/2022
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Top 5 Charlotte Companies That Are Hiring in 2022

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2022 / — Charlotte, North Carolina is the bustling heart of southern hospitality. The Queen City has been ranked fifth by Forbes in their annual list for “Best Cities for Jobs” and continues to grow as a hot spot among young professionals seeking work opportunities!

With a 59% growth rate in ten years, Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in America. The low cost to live and work here combined with good job prospects make this place highly desirable for professionals everywhere!

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the Top 5 Charlotte Companies That Are Hiring in 2022.


1) Wells Fargo
The banking industry is a competitive one, but NC-based Wells Fargo has managed to stay ahead of its competitors by being both well positioned in terms of location and offering excellent benefits packages. The company’s east coast division headquarters can be found at One Welles Fargo Center where it employs roughly 25k workers making Charlotte their largest employment hub!

Wells Fargo knows that people are its competitive edge, and it makes them a priority to recruit top talent. In fact, the company has earned itself a spot on LinkedIn’s Top Companies of 2019: Where US Wants To Work list- at number 25 out 50 most desirable employers in America!


2) Duke Energy
Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in America and one that serves millions of customers across North Carolina with cleaner energy. The firm was founded back when gas-powered cars were still new on scene; their dedication for delivering reliable electricity has never changed since then – no matter what mode or era we are living through!

The company’s mission is to provide value by reducing emissions rates, investing in renewable energy and powering communities. They are also focused on driving innovation through projects like developing new Smart Grid technology that will modernize the region.


3) 365 Solar Energy
Another energy company making the cut for Top Charlotte Companies That are Hiring in 2022 is the solar startup 365 Solar Energy. Over the past 3 years, this company has nearly quadrupled in size and continues to expand well outside if its Charlotte homebase. Named one of the best places to work in charlotte in 2021, 365 Solar Energy continues to provide some of the highest paying positions for electrical/energy-based professionals.

One of the major advantages that this company has is in the way of leadership. CEO Matt Stiner believes in building a company that serves its community the old-fashioned way yet stays hyper-focused on developing cutting edge solutions for energy production. Within that pursuit, it’s even rumored that 365 Solar Energy is working on Virtual and Augmented Reality for training their future employees.


4) Atrium Health
A not-for profit organization, Atrium Health is responsible for providing healthcare services in both North and South Carolina. With more than 40 hospitals across their network as well 900 care locations within these two states alone it’s clear why this company earns high marks from patients on all fronts!

Atrium Health’s pledge to patients is simple: they want you treated with the utmost care and respect. To that end, Atriums works hard on staff training programs in order educate their team members about how best handle those who trust them most; this includes doctors but also nurses & other hospital workers too!


5) Passport
Passport is a company that helps cities manage mobility by developing software for parking, transit and other transportation needs. The products allow users to collect payments using mobile devices as well issue tickets or accept credit card payment concentrations in one place without the need of an internet connection – all from anywhere with an LTE signal! Over 5k locations use this innovative solution across 600+ municipalities around world today making them more efficient than ever before.”

Passport has been recognized by The Charlotte Business Journal and Observer Newspaper as one if their outstanding workplaces because they believe people should come first.