What to Expect the Day of Installation

What to Expect the Day of Installation

What to Expect the Day of Installation

What to Expect the Day of InstallationA solar panel would be a good addition to your house. Are you interested in installing a solar panel? If so, you need to find a reliable contractor and get solar panel installation work done in the best possible way. Today, we’ll talk you through the solar panel installation process. So, you’ll know what to expect on the day of installation.    

Getting Ready for Solar Panel Installation Day

It all begins with the preparation. First of all, you need to prepare your house for the day of the solar panel installation. Your family members must be prepared for the solar panel installation process as well.

You need to know that the installation process itself is very easy. So, it will not take you too much time to prepare for the day of a solar panel installation. Nevertheless, you should take into consideration some things before getting started with the installation of a solar panel in your house.

  1. Prepare your roof. It’s important for you to check the roof before the installation day comes. You need to find the place on your roof where your solar panel will be installed. It would be better to install a solar panel on a large, rectangular section of the roof. The section of the roof with a solar panel has to face the south. The reality is, your roof may require some kind of preparation. Sometimes, a need to remove a satellite dish may arise. It’s also important to note that a solar panel can be shaded by trees. If this happens, the efficiency of a solar panel will decrease significantly. So, it’s necessary to prune trees near your house to prevent these kinds of things from happening.
  2. Prepare to hear noises. Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that the process of solar panel installation is noisy. So, you must be prepared to hear some unpleasant noises during the day of the installation.
  3. Prepare extra space in your yard. Plus, you need to plan some space in your yard when getting ready for the day of installation. This space will be used by the solar panel installation team in the future. Decorations, outdoor furniture, and household items may need to be removed during the day of installation. So, additional space will be required for these purposes.

Keep in mind that it will take you some time to get ready for the day of installation. So, it would be better to start preparing for solar panel installation in advance. Things will go smoothly on the day of installation if you are well-prepared for this process.                

Solar Panel Installation Process

The solar panel installation process consists of the following stages:

  1. Site assessment and design
  2. Permitting
  3. The installation of a solar panel
  4. Inspection
  5. Activation

365 Solar Energy puts a lot of hours into each project leading up to the day of installation.  They schedule the job after they have all the necessary documents and permits required.

The first thing that happens when they show up is they start mapping an outline of where the panels will go on the roof.  They do this to allow the crew to see where the components need to be installed.

Next, they start installing the flashing based mounts.  They have to have a mount placed every 4 feet.  These mounts support the rails, which is what the panels will actually be attached to.  Once the mounts are in place, they will start to run the wire through the house.

They first attach a tool known as a Soladeck.  This piece of equipment is a junction box that allows the wire to enter the roof in a watertight fashion.  Thus preventing any leaks in the roof. The wire then runs to through the attic to the closest access point above the inverter, which will be next to the meter.  The crew then runs the wire down the conduit to the inverter.

After the wire is run the team connects it to the inverter on the side of the home.  After everything gets wired up they turn on the system to test it.  Once the system shows everything is working we schedule the array to get inspected.

Once the home passes inspection, we then apply for the homeowner to get their new meter.  It normally takes utility companies 10 to 14 days to put in your new meter.  Once installed, the array is ready to be powered on and start producing clean energy and savings for years to come.

It’s worth noting that the solar panel installation process can be challenging. Nevertheless, you’ll find it easy to overcome all the challenges on your way if you choose to deal with a highly professional installation team.

Solar panel installation offers great financial benefits for homeowners. With a solar panel, you will be able to harvest energy for your home. Solar panels will increase the value of your house! Contact our professionals to get a solar-powered home!